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Mastacraft - Marble & Granite stonemasonary and Handmade Wooden Furniture

Mastacraft workshops at Four Marks, Hampshire, combine the skills of two completely different businesses. The first, begun in 1970 and called The Stoneyard is a stonemasonry business specialising in high quality marble and granite work. The second, started much later in 1993 as Hearts of Oak and now called Unique Furniture Workshop, specialises in bespoke fitted furniture mainly for kitchens and bedrooms although many free standing items are made, usually in solid timber.

The two businesses work well next to each other as, in this day and age, many projects require the skills of both the stonemason and the cabinet maker. At the Mastacraft workshops there are seven of each! Two designers are employed and their skills vary widely, so an intricate inlaid floor design can be prepared next to a scheme for an ultra modern kitchen with curved and veneered sides.

The functionality of many rooms can be greatly improved by the use of curves in the design of the furniture. The beauty of these is often further enhanced by the materials used. Curves are of course difficult to achieve and therefore require considerable skill and expertise and that knowledge and enthusiasm for good craftsmanship exists at the Mastacraft workshops.

This site contains lots of photographs of our work so we hope you find it enjoyable to view them all.


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